Second hand stores

Kymijoen tukipuu has two second hand stores in Kouvola. Koti & kirppis in Inkeroinen and Myllyn koti in Tehola, Kouvola.

Open: Kouvola, Tiilitie 2, mon-fri 10.00-17.00. Inkeroinen, Päätie 25, mon-fri 10.00-16.00

We sell e.g. furniture, decor, dishes, clothing and shoes.
It is possible to get transport and carrying assistance for the products. Ask for a price list in the store.
Kymijoen tukipuu is an ideological and non-profit association. It works to reduce unemployment and the problems caused by it, to improve the livelihood of the unemployed, and to increase mental and physicalwell-being. Through the project, Kymijoen tukipuu offers subsidized work and work trials to customers of the TE-office who find it difficult to enter the open labor market.

With us, as part of job coaching, you can brush up on your own skills, e.g. in the areas of customer service,
store management, receiving donations and sorting. As a consumer customer, you are warmly welcome to
make inexpensive purchases in our recycling stores! By buying from our stores, you support our operations and the access of unemployed Kouvolaresidents to the labor market.

We also accept donations!